Living Funeral QR Code & eTribute Page

Living Funeral QR Codes and Tribute Pages are usually for People Diagnosed with a Terminal Illness. With a QR code eTribute page, you may have passed on, but you will never be forgotten.

Receiving a diagnosis of a terminal illness is one of the worst things that can happen to any person. Some people meet the news with denial, while others meet it with acceptance and resolution. But no matter which stage in your journey you are in right now, there's a way to make sure that your memories will last forever. Let your kind words and encouragement comfort your loved ones. Make new memories with a Living Funeral QR Code & eTribute Page.

How does See My Life's Living Funeral QR Code & eTribute Page work?

See My Life's QR codes are easy to use. Whether you sign up to use it for yourself or to memorialise a loved one, anyone can do it.

To start, simply sign up on our website and enter your basic information. These include your name, age, birth date, hometown, and more. Include some pictures and videos that highlight how rich and how meaningful your life was with your loved ones.

A Farewell Message to Family and Friends

We invest in life insurance, prepaid funerals, and cemetery plots to prepare for the future. That's why we want our loved ones to be prepared and we don't want to leave them totally bereaved when we leave.

With See My Life's Living Funeral QR Code and eTribute page, you can create a video message to comfort your family and friends after you have passed on.

Send a message to your spouse or your children, thanking them for their love and companionship, and for being there for you as you go through chemotherapy, surgery, or palliative care. You can also create a video and send a message to friends, neighbours, and others for being there for you during your journey.

Upload the videos on your own eTribute Page so funeral attendees or family and friends who have missed the funeral can view them in the future.

Viewable Anytime, Anywhere

Your eTribute page comes with a unique QR code that can be printed on the program during the funeral.

So how can your loved ones view your video message?

Your loved ones can view your message simply by scanning the QR code printed on the funeral program. The good news is it's not limited to your video message. Friends and family can also view pictures you have uploaded on the page and read about your life story if you wish to write one. Your loved ones can also add eulogies and special messages to this eTribute page when the time comes.

Keep the message in draft until after you have passed on. Or you can publish the eTribute page right away and ask your family and friends to add their eulogies and tribute messages to your page.

Leave the "passed away" date blank for your family to fill out when you have passed on.

Where Else Can the QR Code be Added

Good news! You're not just limited to the funeral program. You can also request a stonemason to inscribe your unique QR code to your gravestone or urn.

This is a good way for people who might have missed the funeral to still view your message even if you have passed on for weeks, months, or years. A Living Funeral QR Code and eTribute page even allow family and friends living abroad or in other states to view your message wherever they are.

How To Sign Up to See My Life

To keep your memories alive and send a message of comfort to your family and friends, simply click here to sign up and start creating an account.

Add your name and other important details to your eTribute page. Remember, this information is entirely optional, so feel free to leave them blank if you're not comfortable sharing them.

Create your video message and upload it to your See My Life eTribute page. Collect old photos and start uploading them to your own page, too.

You can share your See My Life account details with your spouse, children, parent, or any trusted family or friend so they can access it when the time comes. Your page can also be shared on social media if you wish.

Keep in mind that your eTribute page has a dedicated URL, and your data is 100% safe.