QR Code On Gravestones

QR Code Gravestones: Bridging This Life and the Next with Technology

For most of us, death is something that we only think about now and then. Like when one of our relatives dies or when we hear or read about it on the news. 

And when we hear about it, we almost always react with dread or morbid curiosity. The fact that it will one day come and we have to deal with it in a practical and meaningful way rarely crosses our mind.

There are many ways to prepare for death (whether our own or our loved ones') without being paralysed by fear. As early as now, you can conduct end-of-life planning in a practical yet meaningful way.

Things like choosing a cemetery plot for yourself or for your family, writing your living will (as well as your last will and testament), and determining where your own or your loved one's pet will go once either of you passes away.

Another important thing that needs to be addressed is how to keep your or your loved one's memory alive even after death. Sure, you can hold anniversary services or informal get-togethers when someone dies. But these death memorials are not unique at all and do not adequately pay tribute to the departed's memory.

Enter QR code gravestones, a revolutionary way to remember the deceased and keep their memories alive for years to come.

QR Code Gravestones in a Nutshell

QR codes are everywhere. From packaging to apparel to menus, these tiny blocks of information seemed to have popped up everywhere over the past few years.

But this groundbreaking technology isn't just limited to ordinary things. See My Life, a company based in Brisbane, has recently started offering QR codes on gravestones as a way to commemorate the dead.

The premise of QR code gravestones is quite simple. Scan the QR code with your phone and you'll land on a webpage dedicated to the deceased. The people who visit the page can view a wide variety of information about the deceased, including a summary of their life story, the eulogies read during the funeral, and some pictures chronicling their life.

Is This a New Technology?

QR codes have been around for many years, but adding them to gravestones has only been around for a decade or so. See My Life is one of the few companies in Australia that offer this service. 

Why Get a QR Code on Gravestones

When we visit cemeteries, we only often see names and dates of birth and death on headstones. Some gravestones also have dedications written by loved ones. But beyond that, we know nothing about the person whose remains were laid to rest in that plot.

QR codes on gravestones ensure that these people are more than just their names and the date when they were born and when they departed from earth. With this technology, we'll learn about their life stories, how they loved, and how their families and friends loved them in return. We can view pictures and videos showcasing how fully they lived their lives.