QR Codes in Memorials

QR code

Memorials are a great way to commemorate those who have passed away. What sets them apart from ordinary gravestones, however, is their historic significance.

Unlike ordinary gravestones, memorials are dedicated to notable or extraordinary people. They are also used to introduce notable or historical events to the general public. They are usually located in parks and historic places.

When we visit a memorial, we already know about the notable person being commemorated there or the tragic events that happened in the area. 

But memorials are not reserved for notable events and people only. They can also be used to commemorate lesser-known people and events. But even though these memorials are lesser known, it doesn't mean that the person who died is no less loved or that the event is less significant to people who cherished them.

If your loved one recently died or you have a notable person in your family that you want to create a memorial to (and you want the world to get to know about them), then check out QR codes in memorials.

If this is your first time hearing about QR codes in memorials, then this is for you. In this blog, we're going to talk about this groundbreaking technology and how it can help you celebrate the life of your loved one who has passed away or introduce a notable event in your area to the general public.

What are QR Codes?

They may look like little blocks of undecipherable cuneiform at first glance, but QR codes are pretty simple and straightforward. And they're not for our eyes! These 21st-century barcodes are designed for our phone cameras to read.

QR codes are quickly becoming popular and with good reason. You can fit an infinite amount of information in a small QR code, including text, pictures, video clips, and audio files.

And all this information can be accessed using a device almost everyone has -- a smartphone.

Another thing that makes QR codes a fantastic way to access information is that they are unobtrusive. They can be as small as half an inch and yet they contain a large amount of information. QR codes make a great addition to any memorial plaque, monument, and more because they occupy just a small portion of the space but are jam-packed with information.

When inscribed by a talented stonemason, QR codes in memorials can also resist the elements, as well as the usual wear and tear. The code may have been inscribed 40 to 60 years into the future, but it will still be scannable and the information will still be available.

Why QR Codes in Memorials are a Great Choice to Remember People and Events

1. They allow you to show your deep regard for the deceased or the event. Writing a few sentences about the deceased or the event in a journal or a publication is a great way to show our regard for them. But we always want something unique -- something that would make our tribute stand out. QR codes in memorials are a great way to do that.

2. The information is easily accessible online. Let's face it, almost everyone has a smartphone or laptop now. From clothes to the most obscure historical tidbit, almost everything can be found online, so why not memorials? All information about the deceased or any historic event can be easily found on a dedicated webpage that is up for years and years. The ease with which the tribute can be accessed online makes it more meaningful.

3. You can be as detailed as you wish. Often, in life, there are so many things left unsaid that when someone dies, we regret it. But online memorials are different. You can write a complete summary of a person's life and be as detailed as you want as a tribute. You can also say how much the person is cherished then and now, and how meaningful they have lived their lives. You can also include pictures and videos to showcase their lives.

4. Memorials can be viewed by future generations. Many people were so kind and deeply loved during their lifetimes that we have this overwhelming desire to introduce them to the new generation. Some events are also so significant that young people must know about them. 

QR codes in memorials are a great way to do just that. As long as the webpage dedicated to the deceased or the event is up, then the future generation can see it and appreciate it.